Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Catering 3.22.2010

Another catering event today!
This was the second lecture in Mortar Board's Last Lecture Series. This evening Professor Whitney in the econ department gave an inspiring speech about "the good life." It was refreshing for a lot of us seniors to hear that jumping right into adulthood (having a 9-5 job and settling down) is not always what is best. It sounds like most of the best years of Professor Whitney's life were right after college when he had the time and energy to volunteer and travel around the world. I think we were all touched by his talk.
On to the food! Giulia and I catered the event. We kept it simple yet delicious. Two types of crostini-- one with spicy snashed chick peas (jalepeno and rosemary) and one with potatoes in a chili/ tomato/ hazelnut sauce. We also made a lovely lemon buttermilk cake, surrounded by fresh strawberries and a fruit platter with cara caras, pears and mandarins. These catering jobs just keep getting easier and easier and better and better. We have two more coming up soon, hopefully more to follow!

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