Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Menu 9.29.09

Giulia had us over for dinner last night as usual and the food was amazing as usual. Late the night before she started the long and involved process of making pizza dough. We tag-teamed during the day as the dough has to be "punched" (in the words of Papa Pasciuto) on the hour for eight straight hours. We cooked up a batch of roasted heirloom tomato sauce and sliced up some fresh mozzarella...the result was out of this world. A very thin crunchy crust which a thin layer of rich tomato sauce, fresh cheese and fresh basil...actually though, what could be better? In addition to that we had a delicious salad, made by Jordan with beans, corn, peppers, feta...and to top it off there was a plum wine sorbet, made by the fabulous Giulia.
We are going to use the success of our pizza party this weekend at our second Well Fed dinner with a butternut squash (from the garden!) pizza with Gruyere and thyme. Wow....We'll post the rest of the menu soon. The dessert it still pretty up in the air so please submit ideas :)

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