Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Crisp? Crumble? Cobbler? Brown-Betty? PANDOWDY?!

Hi there,
Well Fed is "catering"a QSA event this week. We're making dessert for about 20 people. We obviously wanted to make a delicious seasonal spread and finally decided on an apple pandowdy, cinnamon ice-cream and a seasonal fruit platter.
The menu begs the question: what exactly is a pandowdy? Gathering from a few on-line sources I discovered that it is a deep-dish, apple-spice dessert that originated in the early 1800's. The filling of the one I made is lots of tart granny-smith apples doused in molasses, various spices, lemon juice and sugar. The topping is biscuit-like and was broken up into pieces part way through the baking to allow the crust to soak up some of the juices. It smells like Thanksgiving in my house.
Also, for those who were wondering, we have William pears, Crimson Star pears, Gala apples, Fuyu persimmons and grapes on the fruit platter.
I hope it all goes well!

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